Xmas at Muthers Studio



Nikon L35-AF, Fujifilm 400



Isi, in her bathroom, October 2017fullsizeoutput_424


Minolta SRT 100x, Fujifilm 400

Nikon L35-AF, Kodak 200

Birmingham Horizons

Murky Sunday mornings on mundane carpark rooves, for what was likely less than fifteen minutes. Digbeth stinks of stale creativity, pink tinted inspiration, 14 floors above the familiar. This roll of film took me to Derby, Catalonia and back to Birmingham; the place that all my photography finds its home. I don’t know if this lingering pink tinge is resultant of that journey, of just a happy accident of budget Fujifilm. These photos are nothing more than a few stumbling minutes in bleak carpark wasteland.

Modelled by Liv Jarman, art student and all round dream girl, check out her photography here

Minolta SRT-100x, Fujifilm 400